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Choosing the right car for your needs

 Already before buying a car, whether new or 2nd hand aspects must be taken into consideration as comfort, so I'm going to use, price, maintenance costs, such as whether the services offered match my expectations and its dynamics in both driving and highway safety.
The first thing you should do when you want to test a car is to check your comfort in regard to whether it is easy to enter and leave it, if there is adequate space for head, trunk and legs, according to whether it is possible to adapt both the flywheel and the seats. Not forgetting that offers a simple reading of the controls. Make sure the visibility is good and the mirrors will provide full control of the angles of the car.

Generally the seller is who drives the vehicle while first tells you its wonders and tries to persuade cart. Hence, attempts to be atentísimo of noise and visibility at the time of its conduction, evaluating the car from the passenger's viewpoint. Back to the dealer, when it's your time, test the car really. Initially adapt it to drive comfortably and then put to the test its peculiarities. That is, if a car outdoors, try climbing or circulates any zone other than flat, you have a huge salt power to road and stay tuned as it works against the traffic, the suspension (if it is hard or has swings hazardous) braking system, the ability to link and if curves much balanced.

 Last but not least, multiple test models and compares.