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Dangers of having loose objects in the cabin while driving

If you need to drive and you'll take your car overloaded, then my advice would be that you make sure that all bags you carry in your car are placed in the appropriate manner, ie in the interior of the vehicle no more single packages as this could become a huge insecurity for all who are in the car.
Car cabin
Ideally charge the vehicle in the right way, because this is might consider as basic to consider ourselves completely safe. You can not compromise security and management having the vehicle, then you can consider as essential the way in which the load is placed. On the other hand with respect to the carrier, you have to remember that when you have to carry heavy braking or if an unfortunate collision is given, any package is found loose will be transformed immediately into a projectile towards the passengers of the car.

For this argument, before starting your shift, you have to make the selection of luggage, just take what you really going to need, so you will not overload the vehicle unnecessarily. Then you have to place the packages in the trunk of the right way, so you will not compromise the reaction to the car may have for your trip.

If you have several objects that are quite large and heavy, but keep in mind they are strong enough, then we suggest that these are located on the bottom, everything is smaller and soft you can place up.

It's really important for the world let loose objects in the cabin. Whether it's keys, toys for kids wear, bags, shopping, etc..., should ideally take in the glove compartment, you can also put on slides that have the car. You have to bear in mind that when the vehicle is moving, therefore the packages do too.

If you brake too abrupt a manner, any object that is loose in the car, will also be thrown out with plenty of power. It is known which can be projected up to 17 times its own weight. A laptop that weighs about four kilos can get thrown out with a power of up to seventy kg, such a plea is a danger of life or death for anyone who struck in the skull.

Information on the pollen filter of your car

I'm sure that have you heard many times that there are two types of filters, the air and pollen filter, and maybe you're wondering if one of them is redundant. That's because we're accustomed to believe that the air filter helps clean the air that we have within the car and that's entirely wrong, since only the air filter purifies the air directed into the engine combustion and has nothing to do with the car's interior.

Probably because of its name -pollen filter-, we would come to believe that is something that should only be checked if you live close to nature, if it passes near the flowers and before all, only in the spring and not at any other season of the year, but that's not true and now I will explain you every single detail on this important part of your vehicle.

The pollen filter function

The pollen filter is responsible of cleaning the air that enters the cockpit and passengers side and although its name, it refers precisely to pollen, purifying the air and removing dust at the same time. His name has been raised for you to understand that it is much more desirable and safe for your lungs, because the pollen is much smaller than the dust and still can stop it.

The pollen filter

Have you ever seen a tiny layer of dust on the board? If it happened to you certainly means that your pollen filter is full and it can not make those spots do not reach the cabin. In this case, it is logical that this really affects your health because you are breathing oxygen that is not pure and if this is not enough, there is more: this is a point that directly affects your wallet.

It turns out that if your pollen filter is clogged, when turning on the air conditioning will take longer than usual to cool the interior of the vehicle, because the filter can not get air to move properly, therefore this will consume more fuel to operate the air compressor, which definitely is not amused to any driver, so do not ever forget to check if your pollen screen is correct or needs to be changed.

There is no default for that kilometers, depending on the places you drive, if they have dust or not, so check it periodically, it's really important!